Pepe ...

Pepe created MobCast as an answer to the increasingly changing demands in the casting business.  He has worked in the audio-visual industry for many years since graduating in Media Studies with a specialisation from Central Saint Martins College in Image, Video & Computers.

He has been involved in nearly all aspects of the casting business for the past 16 years, keeping up to date with the extraordinary changes and new technologies that are revolutionising the industry.  He has designed a number of state of the art casting studios from scratch and has also created workflows, for inside and outside the studios, for the staff to successfully and smoothly run casting sessions.

He is also a professional portrait and corporate photographer and finds this additional skill extremely useful in mobile and photographic castings.  He has many years’ practical experience in the industry, having personally taken sessions and delivered hundreds of castings.

It is the sum total of this experience that makes MobCast different, providing the freedom and flexibility to deliver castings your way.

Our aim is to save you time and money, so you can get more from your budget, and offer your clients a superior professional service at a really competitive rate. Delivering consistent high quality results.