MobCast is a state of the art professional HD mobile casting unit and web platform that allows production companies, casting directors and choreographers to have their casting sessions filmed, encoded, instantly uploaded and securely shared online at vastly reduced costs, anywhere in the UK.

We use the latest video capturing technologies combined with a robust web infrastructure, meeting the demands of budget conscious creatives delivering fast and consistent, top quality results.

castings sessions filmed in a variety of locations click on clip to play.

How it works …

We start by travelling* to any UK location to shoot your casting session.

During the casting, we take high resolution headshots of each performer and provide, if requested, headsheets tailor made to the casting needs and Artist’s Declaration forms.


As the session progresses, the casting clips are captured in HD, encoded and instantly uploaded to our dedicated and private web platform.

Our online webpages are designed to provide a straight forward and simplified layout and can also be customised to your needs.

Once the session has ended, we send an email  to the relevant people to watch the casting online or download all the clips, headsheets and pictures to their computer at the click of a button. The weblink is ready about 10 minutes.


  *travel expenses not included.

The Technology

Our mobile casting unit comes with the latest 4K/HD professional video camcorder, a pro mic for crisp sound, professional lighting and a 24inch HD playback monitor.

All these coupled with our web video capturing system that captures video clips and uploads them instantly, on location and in studio.

All clips are playable online for directors, producers, ad agencies and clients to watch worldwide.

Our online video player, automatically detects and responds to the local internet speed, minimising any buffering.


If requested, we’re able to record casting clips in true full-frame 4K and smooth slow-motion at 100fps.

Where? Anywhere …

MobCast isn’t limited to one location.  We can film, upload and share a casting session wherever and whenever you want.  Ideal for big performance-based auditions such as dance, acrobatics or sport.  From swimming pools, dance studios to sports halls, in community halls, rehearsal studios.  MobCast is there and the choice is yours!


or central London …

If you’re looking for an alternative to costly and cramped studios in the heart of London, we also offer a unique package at The Old Diorama Arts Centre.  Just a stone’s throw away from Warren Street, Euston Square and Euston stations, Diorama has 12 studios in all sizes ideal for traditional auditions with big or small groups for commercials, script rehearsals, etc.  Headshots and headsheets are provided.

We can organise well-appointed, self-serviced casting studios open seven days a week from 09.00am until 10.00pm, with airy and spacious waiting areas, fast fibre optic WIFI, air-conditioning, step-free access and a lift, if needed.  This package includes our MobCast receptionist who coordinates talent arrival, forms to fill out and organisation outside the studio.

For some examples of the studios available at Diorama, as well as some of the spacious waiting areas, click on the links below.

Small Casting Studio: 4 metres x 6 metres / 13ft x 19ft

Luxury Casting Studio: 7 metres x 6.4 metres / 19.5ft x 19ft